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What Exactly is Vibrato?

Vibrato is when fluctuation of your vocal cords. It is the technique of moving your vocal cords as your voice changes from one note to another.

This change must take place extremely quickly to create a good vibrato.

There are a number of benefits of developing a good vibrato.

A good vibrato indicates that you’ve got a solid vocal platform. This can really impress a crowd.
Learning vibrato also helps you with learning higher and/or lower keys when singing.
You will have a more balanced vocal range and you will be able to shift effortlessly and quickly between pitches. An indicator to whether you’ve mastered this art is when you are able to change pitches approximately six times per second.

Some of the greatest exponents of this art in western popular music are Celine Dione, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Elvis Presly, Aretha Franklin, Lady Gaga and others. Take the time to listen to their music and spot the vibrato.

Improving your vibrato – a simple exercise

This is a simple exercise to give you an idea about vibrato technique.

Place both of your hands, palm down in the area below your chest where the ribs join – your solar plexus (in the mid-section).
Your hands should be above your navel.
Pick a note that’s easy for you to sing and that you can hold for a short while (few seconds).
While you’re singing, press gently on your stomach.
Push in and then release; repeat for a few times, listening to how this changes your voice pitch.

Your voice will rhythmically go up and down. Do this repetition at a cycle of 3 to 4 times per second. This will give you a general idea of how vibrato works.

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