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The difference between Piano and Keyboard – the-low down!

So you’ve wondered “What is the difference between a piano and a keyboard?” or maybe you’ve wondered which is the best – piano lessons or keyboard lessons?
So let’s break it down –

  • The difference between the instruments
  • The difference between the lessons

The difference between the 2 instruments are:

A ‘piano’ is an acoustic instrument (mechanical) with weighted keys.
A’ keyboard’ is an electric instrument with unweighted (lighter) keys than a piano.

What are the features and pros & cons of the Piano & Keyboard?

  • The weighted keys on the piano are good for strengthening your fingers to play proficiently.
  • The effect of playing a note on the adjacent keys create a harmonious sound unique to the piano.
  • Accidentally grazing an occasional incorrect note while playing the piano is less noticeable because of the weightiness of the keys.
  • Buying a piano can be expensive, however, you will incur maintenance costs – pianos need to be tuned regularly, which can be expensive and hard to find a skilful tuner.

Keyboards, on the other hand, never need to be tuned.

  • The sounds, instruments, and timing can be changed which adds great variety to your performance.
  • You can add beats, effects and backing tracks and play along.
  • Practising the keyboard teaches you precision because the lighter keys create a sound, so an incorrect note will be heard.
  • MIDI keyboards can be connected to a computer or iPad, which opens up a host of music-producing opportunities.
  • You will pay a fraction of the cost of a piano for a keyboard. You may not require servicing and if the instrument does, you are not looking at a big dip into your pocket.

Confused about what to buy? Look at buying a Digital Piano, based on your budget, of course!

A digital piano is an electric keyboard instrument that has weighted keys. If you want the “fun”ctionality of a keyboard and the feel of a piano, look for a MIDI digital piano, you will have the best of both worlds.

So what lessons do I pick? Piano or Keyboard?

In the general sense of the terms, ‘keyboard lessons’ often refers to lessons or courses in which the student is only taught to read the Right-Hand (melody) notes while the Left-Hand plays 1-finger chords or simple block chords.’Piano lessons’ usually means the student is taught to read and play the notes properly in each hand.
At The Art Academy, we teach on the keyboard instrument, however, we teach both forms – piano lessons (proper – 2 hand playing) and for our older learners we offer keyboard lessons (learn to compose music using tracks and beats).
So if you want to learn the piano or keyboard or both, give us a call and we will help you realise your creative potential!

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