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Supplies for Acrylic Painting

Acrylic Painting supplies:

So, you’ve decided to take the exciting step and create your first acrylic masterpiece, what do you need to accomplish this? The choice of supplies in the art world can be a bewildering array of never-ending possibilities. We’ve tried to simplify things by creating a list of supplies that you might need.

Acrylic Paint Colours

There are myriad paint colors available in the market. Start with a few essential colors and get to know each looks and mixes. You might want to start by buying these colours:

naphthol red medium or cadmium red
phthalo blue
azo yellow medium or cadmium yellow
burnt umber
phthalo green
titanium white and
Payne’s grey

Be careful when using “cadmium” based paints as these can be poisonous.


As with the paints, you don’t need a bucket-load of paint brushes to get you started. As you develop your own style, you’ll figure out the sizes and shapes of brushes that suit you.

As a starter, buy yourself two or three different sized filbert brushes. A filbert is a brush shape that lends itself to a huge range of painting styles, and, is a must in any artist’s tool-kit.

Palette Knife

Some people prefer to mix their paints on their palette using a palette knife rather than a brush. This reduces wastage, saves time and is a whole lot easier to mix paints well.

You can also use your palette knife to make corrections to your canvas painting (before it has dried) by scraping off paint.

Moisture-Retaining Paint Palette

Because acrylic paints dry pretty quickly, it’s always better to use a moisture-retaining palette rather than a conventional one.

Paper for Practicing

Get yourself a sketchpad or a pad of textured paper. When your honing your skills, it’s a lot cheaper than canvas.

Painting Canvas

Stretched and primed canvas boards, in multiple sizes, are readily available. Get a few different sizes and shapes.

Water Container

You need to have a container of water for thinning paints and for washing your brushes. There are a range of containers available in the market or you could simply use a used jam bottle or similar.

Rags or Paper Towels

Always have a roll of paper towels or rags handy. It helps with those unwanted spills or for cleaning brushes before you wash them. Make sure the rags do not have any chemical residue on them.


Acrylic paint is difficult to get off clothes, so, always wear an apron. A heavy duty apron is always a good option.


There are a variety of designs in the marketplace. As a starter, get yourself a lightweight sketching easel. This will get you through to the stage when your masterpieces take on gigantic proportions.

Drawing board

You’ll need a rigid surface if your painting on paper or loose canvas. Get a board that’s of a decent size (A3 or bigger is best).


Bulldog clips or large paper clips are your guarantee that the paper your painting on won’t move. It can be very annoying for the paper or loose canvas to be moving just when you’re about to add that last masterful stroke.


Get yourself a good pair of fingerless gloves. It protects your hands while allowing your fingers to move freely.

Additional items you may consider:

Varnish and Varnishing Brush

Applying varnish to a painting gives an additional layer of protection. A varnishing brush helps apply the varnish smoothly and evenly. You can even consider getting varnish in a spray can, these are readily available, although, the cost is higher.

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