Summer Camp 2019 – FAQs

SUMMER CAMP 2019 – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age group?

Ages 6 – 15

My child is 5 years old – can she join?

The activities will be too advanced. We have art classes in the evening and on the weekends, please sign up for those, they are age appropriate.

What are the batch dates?

2 Weekly – Batch 122.04.1903.05.19
2 Weekly – Batch 206.05.1917.05.19
2 Weekly – Batch 320.05.1931.05.19

What is the fee?

2 Weeks – 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM3000

Transport has to be booked separately.

What are the activities?

Dance, Musical Instruments, Art & Craft and Reading & Communication Skills.

What is taught in music?

These sessions introduce children to the basics of Guitar, Keyboard/Piano, and Drums. Children get to try their hands at the different instruments & learn to play a song or two. This helps the child decide which instrument they would wish to pursue to learn.

What if the child already is learning an instrument?

They can learn a new song of their choice or the instructor shall recommend a new one. We teach them the basics of the other instruments as well. The purpose of the activity is to see if the child is interested in any particular instrument.

After the camp, how can my child progress after the music classes?

Children can join our annual courses in the instrument of their choice. Our back-to-school offers begin by May end.

What all are taught in Art & craft activities?

Children have a chance to explore various types of art – sculpting, glass painting, fabric painting, wood slice art, pebble painting, paper quilling, canvas painting, and other paper craft.

Do we have to send any material for art?

No, everything is included. Please see that they dress in home clothes or wear an apron because the paint is permanent.

What is covered in COMMUNICATION SKILLS?

Children get to expand their vocabulary. With stories and activities, games, worksheets, and other exercises, we get children to learn to speak confidently, clearly and communicate efficiently.

What do you mean by Fusion dance?

We teach contemporary modern dance which is a mix of Western and Bollywood dance techniques.

How do I book the Transport facility?

Transport can be booked and paid upfront at the time of registration. No. refunds if a trip is missed. We require your Full Address and landmarks. You will be notified of the time to have your child ready for pick-up and drop-off.

What are the charges for Transport?

2 Weeks
Rs 1000 up to 8 Kms one-way

Can I drop my child before their session begins and/or pick them up later?

No. Unless you book and pay for Child-care Facility. Book a maximum of 30-minute early drop-off or late pick-up care-taking facility @ Rs.50 per time-slot.

Can I stay with my child in the camp?

No care-takers or parents are permitted to stay unless special dispensation has been approved. Speak to management to discuss.

What duration can we enroll in the camp?

The ideal duration is 2 weeks. The program is prepared for 2 weeks. Children can participate in for a duration of a 1 (one) month program however, activities will be repeated.

What do you mean by Activities will be repeated?

Those signing up for the whole month will repeat the activities after two weeks however the creative content will be different. Therefore, in Art, Glass painting will be a repeated activity, however, the design to be painted will be different.

Can the instructions be offered in any local languages?

The language spoken at camp is English, so a basic knowledge is a pre-requisite. Your child is required to have sufficient language skills for participation in the Camp.

When do we pay the booking fees?

The fee to be paid in full prior to the start of the camp to confirm the booking.

How can I pay?

You may pay online via our website or at our premises. We accept card or cash.

What if I cancel the booking?

There will be no refunds once enrolled in the camp unless on compassionate grounds. The Art Academy reserves the right to seek evidence (medical certificates) or decide if the reason unfit to seek a refund. There will be no refunds for any reason prior to 48 hours of the start of Camp.

What if I change my timings or activities?

A 25% fee will be charged for transfer of your registration from one session to another.

Can we start the camp mid-week?

One may join mid-way during the camp provided there are seats and days available on the schedule.

Will there be a change or cancellation in the schedule?

Please understand that classes are based on meeting a minimum number of 12 registrations in order to run. Full refunds will be made if a class is canceled due to not meeting the minimum enrolment requirement.

How many children are in the camp?

Maximum capacity of 20 students per activity. Seats are subject to availability. The Art Academy reserves the right to change or offer an alternative timing should the maximum no. of seats be filled.

We may have to take a couple of days off during the camp, can this be rescheduled or refunded?

Classes missed during the camp will not be rescheduled or refunded. The timetable is fixed and shall not be rearranged.

When can we receive the certificate?

Certificates will be issued only on completion of camp.

What else do I need to know?

Please read the terms and conditions; and make your child aware of the rules.

Are there any offers?

Our early bird offer is valid until the 31st of March.

What is the offer?

The offers are varied based on your booking – visit our website to avail the offers.