Warli Art – Pot Painting Workshop

Looking for an interesting workshop to express your creativity?

Join us at The Art Academy, to learn how to create your very own artwork in our upcoming line-up of Workshops in 2019. Unleash that inner artist and carry home your very own masterpiece!

Warli Art – Pot Painting Workshop

At this fun event, learn to use acrylic paint to create geometric patterns in the rural Maharashtrian Warli folk art.
This workshop will teach students (adults and children) to apply technique to paint on the porous surface of a terracotta pot.
The instruction and lessons are delivered at varied levels to suit the stages of each learner.
These tribal silhouetted scenes against vibrant colours on terracotta pots look spectacular in the garden. They can even be used indoors to add that decorative touch. You can take home your own creation.

Highlights of the course:

    • Learn how to prime a porous surface for paint
    • Learn to design a pattern for a 3D surface
    • Learn Warli Art Form

Age Group

Adults & Children – Ages 7 up


22nd September 2019 (Sunday), 3.00 PM – 5.00 PM


Rs. 300 All material included