National Art Competition 2018 Winners

The results of The Art Academy’s first National Art Competition in drawing and painting are out!

The contest was held between 1st November 2018 – 15th January 2019.

The nation-wide competition which was held over a month was conceived as a means to harness  creativity and perception through the theme ‘India 2040’ in illustrations and sketches, and to inspire and explore ways by which we visualise the future of India.

The competition was open to all schools and individuals, and was divided into two categories, Ages 16 plus and Children between the ages of 5-15.

Accepted valid submissions were artwork sent via post/courier; true to the theme, originality of the creation; conforming to the specifications of the media and a written description.

Awards will be dispatched shortly.

The winners of the National Art Competition in Category 1 (Ages 16+)

1st Place V Bhatnagar Delhi 27
2nd Place  L Varma Karnataka 42
3rd Place B Ahuja Maharashtra 19

The winners of the National Art Competition in Category 2 (Ages 5 -15)

1st Place  R Biswas Kolkata 11
2nd Place S Valiathan Kerala 14
3rd Place  A Das Tamil Nadu 7

Merit Certificates (All Ages)

Name Place Age
A Uthaman Tamil Nadu 57
S A Mundad Maharashtra 13
E M Malini Maharashtra 17
I V Kothari Maharashtra  
De Deepshika Uttar Pradesh 9
A Sen Kolkata 8
S Bharath Delhi 7
A Varghese Telangana  
B Pratap Tamil Nadu 20
A Arun Maharashtra 8
M S Dash Odisha 23
Adwaith S R Karnataka 6
A Adarshini Gujrat 8
N A Barot Gujrat 10
S Akash Tamil Nadu 13
R Ganguli Kolkata
S Mitra Kolkata
M Mittal Jammu 11
S Padha Jammu 13
S Pandey Uttar Pradesh 15
Suriya Tamil Nadu
A D Singhvi Gujarat 7

Participation Certifications (All Ages)

Name Place Age
D V Kothari Maharashtra 13
S Nihar Andhra Pradesh 6
S Khemani Dadra & Nagar Havei 29
T Kataria   9
Md A Rumman Telangana 11
R Dhara Delhi 12
S A S R Siddhartha Telangana 9
S N Srikar Telangana 6
Y Kavrani Maharashtra 8
A Arra Karnataka 8
R J Harni Tamil Nadu 9
A P Deshmukh   8
K Srivastara Uttar Pradesh 10
A Mehta Delhi 9
P Amembal Karnataka 14
A Devnoor Telangana 11
G Sairam Telangana 7
M R Bhoshle Maharashtra 11
J Jha   8
A Kapoor Uttar Pradesh 12
M Vimali Tamil Nadu 11
K Mittal Gujrat 15
A Khanna Uttar Pradesh 9
S Sarika Telangana Adult
A Asati Telangana  
K Mukesh Tamil Nadu 16
Sheeja Telangana 8
V S Salvi Maharashtra 10
S Shenoy Gujrat 12
Bhakti R Gujrat 6
S Mishra Gujrat 10
L Khadelwal Gujrat 6
D R Punjabi Gujrat 9
D Sasaniya Gujrat 11
A M Shah Gujrat 7
K T Patel Gujrat 11
J S Savsani Gujrat 10
A Vaghela Gujrat 8
A Singh Gujrat 8
R D Thakkar Gujrat 12
J Hiren Shah Gujrat 12
S Patel Gujrat 14
A R Patel Gujrat 13
M I Bisht Gujrat 10
Z F Palejwala Gujrat 10
J M C Keylin Tamil Nadu 8
L Prajanya Tamil Nadu 6
Srinaya T B Tamil Nadu 12
J Mira Chrisal Tamil Nadu 4
Fairy Henritha Tamil Nadu 4
G V Akshaya Tamil Nadu 6
L Srijanya Tamil Nadu 6
K B V Jayanth Tamil Nadu 14
V Gunasri Tamil Nadu 9
S Manisha Tamil Nadu 14
V S Sudiptha Tamil Nadu 9
S R Abishek Tamil Nadu 7
R K Rahi Kolkatta TBC
R Mustaffa Kolkatta 24
T Bhattacharyya Kolkatta 28
A Bhat Jammu 13
Pranvi Jammu 12
A Gupta Jammu 13
Y Dhar Jammu 13
R Koul Jammu 11
S Kapur Jammu 13
A Bhatia Jammu 13
Md. M Shah Jammu 13
S Gupta Jammu 11
R Chaudhary Uttar Pradesh 7
Varun Rath Uttar Pradesh 10
A Kamra Uttar Pradesh 11
V Pandey Uttar Pradesh 10
A A Agarwal Uttar Pradesh 8
S Agarwal Uttar Pradesh 11
D Bansal Uttar Pradesh 10
S Goyal Uttar Pradesh 15
Shaikh Md Shah Uttar Pradesh 9
V Rathi Uttar Pradesh 10
D Harish Telangana TBC
K Mukesh Telangana TBC
K Dileep Telangana TBC
N Sandeep Telangana TBC
G Ramu Telangana TBC
D Prudhvi Telangana TBC
G Vamshi Telangana TBC
R. Suriya Tamil Nadu 10
R Lakshan Tamil Nadu 8
K Kalpana Sri Tamil Nadu 12
K S Naren Tamil Nadu 10
S K Mano Kavin Tamil Nadu 13
J Yugendiran Tamil Nadu 12
C M Shah Ahmedabad 12
K A Shah Ahmedabad 8
D C Sanghvi Ahmedabad 8
V M Shah Gujrat 10
F N Shah Gujrat 12
J K Desai Gujrat 7
A N Parikh Gujrat 6
S T Sachinbhai Gujrat 12
P H Pankin Gujrat 6
A N Mehta Gujrat 10
T K Mehul Gujrat 7
M S Shah Gujrat 12
S K Yora Gujrat 9
Y S Shah Gujrat 12
D N Shah Gujrat 10
Madhuvandhan Chennai 23
Priyal Singh Bangalore 12
A D Singhvi Gujarat 7
J S Anusha Gujarat 14
A N Mehta Gujarat 10