National Art Competition-2018-FAQs

What is the purpose for the art competition?

THE ART ACADEMY’s National Art Competition – 2018 is a great way to build your confidence in exhibiting your talent and gain exposure for your artwork.

What is the theme?

THEME – India 2040

The theme is based on the futuristic theme, India in the year 2040.

You are encouraged to visualise a futuristic representation of our country, it’s political environment, infrastructure, sentiments, hopes, culture, customs, cuisine, language, art, academics, society, values, or script.

What is the age limit?

The competition is open to all ages.

Who all can participate?
Whole schools and individual students are welcome to participate.

What is the fee?

Rs. 150 per individual. It is FREE for schools or institutes with 10 children and over. An official email from the school is required to avail this. Students aged 16 and over entering the competition under the school have to pay Rs. 150 / each.

What is the last date to enter?

Entries close at midnight on 15th January 2019.

Post / Couriers MUST depart by the 18th January 2019. Post dates will be checked. Late posts will NOT be accepted.

How does the school participate?

Send an email to with the student names, ages and contact details. Attach the artwork and Post/courier the artwork with a mention of the school’s name.

Where can I register and make the payment?

Will I receive a certificate?
Each entrant is acknowledged with a Certificate of Participation. Winners will receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Award Certificates.

What are the Prizes?

Cash Prizes for Adults:
1st Prize – Rs.15,000

2nd Prize – Rs.10,000

3rd Prize – Rs.5,000

Gift prizes for children.

1st Prize – Eco Dot Smart Speaker with Alexa

2nd Prize – iBall Dazzle i7 Tablet

3rd Prize – boAt Super Bass Rockerz Bluetooth Headphones

Only residents of India are eligible for prizes.

Is there a minimum entry limit to avail the prize money?

Yes, there is a requirement of 200 paying participants for the competition. You will be notified if we do not achieve this number of entrants.

How do we pay and submit our artwork?

Submissions are made online and via post.

Where do I submit the artwork online?

Do I also have to post the art work?

YES! Post or courier your artwork to:

The Art Academy
H. No: 9-7-211/2/B,
1st Floor
Plot No: 1 & 2 Green View Enclave,
RTC Colony Road,
Near Mansarovar Heights,
Trimulgherry, Secunderabad,
Hyderabad, Telangana 500009

Phone091770 66499

What contact details are required?

Write these details on the back of the envelope – Name, Age, Parent’s name(If the participant is a child), Phone number, Email address and Postal address.

Schools too must email the children’s details. Place the school name on the back of the envelope.

How is the artwork selected?

Based on the criteria of the ‘India 2040’ theme, artworks will be selected, showcasing the best of as many different genres and varied media as possible.

How do you know 

has done the artwork?

Keep a visual RECORD of your creation. Make a short video clip of yourself creating your submission at each stage of the artwork.

The video must be 1 minute long.
It may be requested at a later period to validate the originator of the art.

How will you understand my art-work?

Send in a 50 – 150-word description of your artwork on an A4 size paper.
The write-up should describe

  • your representation of the theme.
  • the inspiration behind your artwork.
  • the media used and why.
  • what do you hope its viewers will feel/think?
  • the style you chose and why?

What type of art can I submit?

Painting or sketching of any genre.

What paper must I use?

All artwork is to be prepared on A3 Drawing Paper / Ivory Sheet / Buff paper. Your stationary shop should be able to help you.

What is the medium accepted?

Acrylic / Poster / Watercolour /Gouache Painting

Pencil/ Charcoal Sketching

Soft/Oil Pastels

Mixed Media

What happens with my artwork?

The paintings are presented in a virtual and physical gallery exhibition.

The entries are featured on our online gallery, via our social media pages and at an exhibition event.

When will the winners be announced?

Judging will take place and the winners will be announced on the 26th January 2019 where the children’s judge will distribute the prizes to the winners. You will be notified via email and phone prior to the date and be invited to attend. If you cannot attend the event, the prize will be sent to you by a suitable transfer.

Will I get back my painting?

No, it will become the property of The Art Academy and will be used in marketing material on all our publications – online and offline.

What is the judging of the artwork based on?

Judging of the artwork will be based on the following elements:

  1. Clarity of representation of the theme to the viewer.
  2. Creativity and originality in expressing the theme.
  3. Overall design and artistic composition based on the theme.
  4. Overall impression of the art.

What should the photo of the painting look like?

Ensure that you picture in entered into your exhibition is;

  1. Good colour or image quality. Ensure that the submissions are not only an exceptional piece of art, but the colours are balanced and represent the original colours of the art.

Low quality and washed out images will be not be accepted as they will not display well on the site.

The artist should remember that we are trying to put on a good show for the viewers.

  1. Ensure that the images are not framed, crooked, show backgrounds, watermarks or large and over-sized artist signatures.

Even if the art is exceptional, we shall not consider such images for the exhibition.

How do I ensure I win?

Send in a Complete and well written submission and quality artwork. Ensure that the submission form is complete, the description is well written and within the word limit, and the artwork is exceptional.

Submissions that are incomplete, poorly written or need to be updated or summarized, will not be used.

Read and reread the theme, rules and judging criteria closely and thoroughly to ensure you have a complete well conceptualised submission.