Drawing and Sketching Classes in Secunderabad

Learn Professional Drawing & Sketching for Beginners at The Art Academy.

Drawing & sketching skills are essential for students appearing for entrance exams in NATA, JEE, NIFT or any other design course.

Apart from attempting practice papers, it is important to get proficient in drawing and sketching.  To get a good handle on drawing, one must be able to portray the effects of light & shadow, present a sense of space with 3-Dimensional  drawing & perspective, depict size using scale & proportions, create from imagination & memory drawing, and also be knowledgeable in color theory.

Our students are taught the elements and principles vital for any designer whether you plan to get into fashion, product design, fine art, applied art, interior design or architecture.
Register in our drawing course and realize your creative potential.


Days per weekMonthly3 Months6 Months12 Months
2 days200054001020019200
3 days300081001530028800
4 days350094501785033600
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