Violin Classes in Secunderabad at The Art Academy

Possibly the best instrument to learn in terms of technical complexity, the Violin is one of the most important instruments in a wide variety of musical genres. Violin classes in Secunderabad at The Art Academy are offered two times a week for 60-minute lessons for beginner students. Our teachers are classically trained and can teach Indian, Western music. Students may avail the opportunity to attempt external exams conducted by Trinity College London, the leading international board for performing arts. Our Violin classes are for adults and children.

Violin Classes in Secunderabad – Curriculum

The curriculum includes both theory and practical exercises. Learning the Violin requires dedicated practice, our inspiring teachers are here to help you and personalize a lesson plan for you. The classes are conducted 2 days a week. The duration of our course is a period of 6 months to 1 year (to achieve a basic level of competence), the instrument is virtually the hardest to master, so great dedication and discipline is a must for our prospective students.

All violin lessons focus on developing good posture, holding position, pitch, bow control, technique, sound emulation, scales, and more. Students are encouraged to bring any recordings of pieces that pique their interest or to let the teacher know what they might want to learn to play. Our instructors specialize in developing students to play not only solo music but also better prepare them for orchestra performances.

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