Singing Classes in Secunderabad – The Art Academy

Vocal music is a genre of music which includes singing with or without accompaniment. Singing classes in Secunderabad at The Art Academy helps you belt out your best! The art of vocal music is often misunderstood to be the territory of only the talented. On the contrary, it is a brilliant hobby to pursue even without skill. The bathroom singer in you can, in fact, turn out to be a stunning vocalist if you develop your singing interest further.

If your dream is to start your own band and become the best vocalist of all, here is your chance to start.

Singing classes in Secunderabad at The Art Academy are for both adult and child learners. We offer “Indian” and Western Vocals. Our Indian Vocals/ Singing classes syllabus is a “hybrid” of North Indian, Southern, Classical and Contemporary/Bollywood Music.

Western singing explores a variety of different styles such as Classic, Folk, Contemporary, Freestyle, Disney, Musical Theatre, Country and more. Whatever your goals are, our voice teachers are here to help you and customise a lesson plan for you.

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of Singing classes are available for both Indian and Western music. All students at The Art Academy have the opportunity to perform in student recitals to help build confidence in performing.

Singing Classes For Children in Secunderabad

Before the age of 12, the vocal chords have not yet fully matured. Our instructors ensure that exercises and music learnt is fun and enjoyable while still nurturing to the develop the child’s voice. The repertoire includes Children’s songs, Disney songs, pop songs, folk and more.

Singing Classes For Adults and Children

The Music/ Singing Classes for All are for Adults and Children. The session includes vocal exercises that focus on developing range, pitch, tone, respiratory control, enunciation, aural technique, stage presence, and more.  Student commences with warmup exercises to improve breath control and to avoid damaging the vocal chords. Have you got a favourite you would like to learn? All students are encouraged to bring their favourite soundtracks to learn and perform.

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