Piano Classes for adults and children in Secunderabad



Piano Classes for children and adults in Secunderabad at The Art Academy

Bring out your best with our Keyboard / Piano Classes At The Art Academy In Secunderabad

BEGINNER Keyboard/ Piano Classes  in Secunderabad

The Keyboard/Piano lessons for beginners in Secunderabad are for learners of all ages. The best starting age for a child to learn keyboard is 5+. The basic keyboard/Piano classes are for both children and adults.

In our Keyboard/ Piano classes for children, we focus on instilling fundamentals such as note-reading, music theory, and technique. We also prepare students to participate in exams conducted by the Trinity College London, the leading international exam board for performing arts.

Our Keyboard/ Piano classes for adults follow a more flexible approach catering to the needs of the individual. Some of our older teen or adult learners prefer to learn freestyle compositions without necessarily learning sight reading. You get to learn various songs and perform using chords and melodies accompanied by beats. Students are also encouraged to learn to compose music and explore various styles. From Western Classical to Indian Bollywood, our instructors enjoy teaching students of all ages, and they provide a positive, encouraging environment for our students.

INTERMEDIATE Keyboard/ Piano Classes in Secunderabad

The Keyboard/ Piano lessons for intermediate students focus on expanding technique, repertoire, theory, and musical refinement. Our intermediate students have completed learning keyboard using method books and handwritten notes and are starting to learn more complex pieces of music.

ADVANCED Keyboard/ Piano Classes in Secunderabad

Our Keyboard/ Piano Classes for advanced students will focus on cultivating advanced technique, repertoire, and musical refinement. Advanced students have a lot of experience and typically wish to take the next step towards performing or becoming a professional musician. Our qualified instructors can assist in attaining your goals. We prepare students for competitions, performances or recitals, auditions or entry exams to pursue music at a college level.

At The Art Academy, we provide the very best for our students. Whatever style of keyboard/ piano that you are learning, our piano instructors are here to help you be your best and realise your creative potential.

HOBBY Keyboard/ Piano Classes in Secunderabad

Be it Pop, Film Scores, Entertainment or Sow tunes, we understand you want to play music that you know and love, and we are here to help you! All students are encouraged to try their own compositions or bring recordings of their favourite songs, band, or players to learn their tunes. Whatever your goals are, we will help you achieve them in a friendly and nurturing environment.

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