The Art Academy: The Place to Go for Drawing Classes In Secunderabad

Our Drawing Classes at The Art Academy, Secunderabad help you develop and enhance your sketching and drawing skills. The drawing classes are delivered at three different levels. These levels are designed to help advance your skills and you may join at any stage of your creative learning journey

The courses can inspire creativity, improve perception and develop visualisation and observation skills. Students are introduced to various drawing styles including still-life, life drawing and portraiture. The mediums include, pencil shading, colour pencil shading, chalk and soft pastels, gel pen drawings and charcoal-pencil sketching. Exposure to these different media help engage and teach students the skills and techniques required to adapt their methods when creating a piece of art. All material is provided by the Academy. You do not have to buy a thing!

We have designed various sessions that focus on a different theme each time, providing a wide range of practices to enhance visual awareness and raise confidence. All the concepts are taught right from the basics gradually developing skill and knowledge as the course levels progress.

Drawing Classes – Beginner Level:

This basic drawing course is not just for absolute beginners but those who have dabbled with sketching and are looking to learn in a more structured approach. The course is designed to establish the foundation of artistic skills in an individual. Our drawing and sketching classes are generally for adults or teens. As an adult, you do not require any experience with drawing. All you need is an interest in the skill even if you may not have really put pencil to paper to make a sketch.

The beginners drawing course is a progression for our younger students who have done basic drawings as it cultivates the right techniques that prepare you to venture into more dimensional drawings. It is also a beneficial starting point for those that require drawing skills in courses like interior design, architecture, fashion design or other such courses.

Drawing Classes – Intermediate Level:

This course is designed for students who have either completed our ‘Beginners Drawing course’ or those who already have some experience in drawing and are looking to upskill to the next level. This course provides our students a complete handle on the various shading techniques, an understanding of depth, proportion and perception among other 3D drawing artistry.

Drawing Classes – Advanced level:

This course is for those drawing enthusiasts who have the knowledge and skills required of an artist. You are looking at having a professional finish on your artwork and require the guidance with that.
The course focusses on a detailed study of all the elements and principles of art with an in-depth application of techniques. In our drawing classes, you are encouraged to establish your own style and approach.
With our advanced level drawing classes you will equip yourself with the art of making portraits, life drawings, still-life drawings from observation, memory and imagination. You get to focus on a various aspect of drawing each week trying different approaches and materials. You will begin to develop a ‘style’ of drawing that should help establish yourself as an artist. There will be opportunities to work on your skills using live models and on locations both, inside and outside the studio.

Drawing Classes for Children:

Our drawing classes for kids nurture your child with originality, creativity, encouragement, and inspiration. Our small-sized drawing (art) classes ensure they receive maximum attention and guidance. Every child receives one-on-one drawing (art) instruction that is designed for their uniqueness from our highly skilled, professional artists who are passionate about art education.

All of our classes for kids begin with step-by-step instruction so that the students learn a variety of artistic techniques. Our younger children below the age of 12 are encouraged to paint their drawings. As they get older or more skilled we encourage them to explore drawing techniques while giving them the freedom to truly express themselves through art. Check out our drawing and painting classes here

Drawing techniques explored in our drawing classes for our older kids include Shading, Proportion, Dimension, Perspective, Tone, Composition, Portraiture, Still Life, Realism, Abstracts, Doodle Art, Comic Book Drawing, Anime, Individual Style, and more!

Our drawing classes in Secunderabad for kids are not only just fun, but they also benefit your child’s health! With drawing classes, children receive the scientifically proven benefits of art, which include:

  • Improved exam results
  • Greater communication skills
  • Stress-relief and relaxation abilities
  • Sharper focus
  • Increased intuitiveness and ingenuity
  • Better self-realisation and expression
  • Higher cognitive reasoning
  • Enhanced problem-solving tools
  • Healthy brain development
Drawing and Painting Workshops

The Art Academy conducts drawing and painting workshops on the various subjects and medium. Each drawing and painting workshop explores a different theme. They are conducted over a few hours using either life models or compositions. With guidance from our highly experienced art tutors, you will work through a series of exercises and begin a drawing, using a wide range of materials including charcoal and graphite. This drawing course imparts skills and information to create an effective drawing. Our drawing and painting workshops are suitable for beginners or more advanced artists.

Looking for a fun way to learn? Our drawing and painting workshops bring different people together who share similar interests, diverse styles varying degrees of participation. Our drawing workshops can be attended by individuals belonging to any stage of their creative journey and is delivered for those over 15 years of age!