Summer Camp for kids in Secunderabad at The Art Academy

Summer Camp – 2019

JOIN the best Summer Camp for kids in Secunderabad

The best way to enjoy this summer in Secunderabad is to come & chill with us at The Art Academy. Our exciting summer camp for children ages 6 – 15 and is packed with creative activities:

Music appreciation


These sessions introduce children to the basics of Guitar, Keyboard/Piano and Drums. Children get to try their hands at the different instruments & learn to play a song or two.

Art and craft


Children have a chance to explore various types of art – sculpting, glass painting, fabric painting, wood slice art, pebble painting, paper quilling, canvas painting and so much more.

Communication Skills


The Art of Storytelling brings landscapes, adventure, emotions and characters to life. The program increases the students’ ability to articulate their vivid imagination.



Get moving and grooving and learn a step or two! The dance program is a fun and exciting way to develop stage presence, the basics of choreography and the importance of expressions.

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From the piano to the paints, ALL MATERIAL is SUPPLIED by us for each of our activities. Parents do not have to do the run around for supplies. Your child just has to turn up. Please be advised that we use permanent paint for some of our artwork so dress appropriately as the paint will not wash off. Bring a smock or apron if you must.

Those who participate in our camp have special access to our annual curriculum in either Drawing & Painting or a Musical instrument of their choice. Look out for our Back-to-School offers in June!


We keep our class sizes small with a ratio of one (1) teacher to every eight (8) students with a maximum of 20 students per camp. A trainer’s aide will be present in the classroom to help with teaching and activity preparation. Our class sizes are intentionally small to promote the highest quality of instruction. At The Art Academy, you can be certain that the trainers are well qualified in their craft and only the best quality material is used.


REGISTER NOW – Registrations close 1 week prior to start of camp – Online and Onsite.

Those signing up for the whole month will repeat the activities after the 1st two weeks however the artwork will be different. Therefore, in Art, Glass painting will be a repeated activity, however, the design will be different.

Certificates will be issued on completion of camp.

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