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Welcome to The Art Academy

The Art Academy was established in 2016 and is based in Secunderabad, Telangana.

Our Teaching philosophy is the age-old adage – Practice makes perfect. We have incorporated the best teaching and learning methodologies from the world over. Our syllabi are created using the best from the US, UK, Australia and other countries. This “hybrid” approach nourishes the creative instincts in all our students. The medium of instruction is English, however, assistance will be offered in local languages wherever possible.

Technical skills and creative talents are incrementally built on. We blend structure with exploration to encourage participants to grow their knowledge and talent. We inspire our students to think and create like artists. We provide an invigorating learning experience that promotes self-confidence and social skills!

Core Skills

Explore. Inspire. Create.

Team Work

We promote team building behavior in all that we do and teach.

Active learning

We develop skills, encouraging active learning as well as conceptual, lateral and innovative thinking.


We encourage participants to think beyond the current paradigm.


The Art Academy is a center for learning art that occupies a pivotal position in an individual’s life.


We develop a winning attitude in every endeavour that a participant undertakes.


We help developing skills with examples from everyday life to develop students’ understanding beyond textbooks.


Think, Create and Innovate – our mantra for success.


Art promotes a joyful life – we understand and encourage participants to seek joy through their learning.

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Our staff, administrative as well as faculty, are experienced professionals who are passionate about what they do. We understand that not every student, child or adult, will become an artistic maestro, those will indeed be few and far in-between, but we ensure that each and every one who attends our courses will realise their creative potential.

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Our Timings:

Tuesday & Thursday – 4PM-7PM
Wednesday & Friday – 11AM-7PM
Saturday & Sunday – 10AM-5PM
Monday – Closed

Art Gallery


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art classes in secunderabad for children - crafts
art classes in secunderabad for children - paper art
art classes in secunderabad for children - paper colouring